Database Administration

Environment Platforms: Oracle, IBM DB2, MYSQL, Sybase, Informix

Technology Professionals Group offers cost-effective Database Administration support solutions, which we tailor to your business and system requirements to reduce costs and simplify the complexity of database administration. We specialize in Oracle Database Administration but also support other databases like SQL Server, IBM DB2 & Informix.

Database administration can be daunting.  The peaks and lulls that characterize database activity translate into underutilized or overworked staff.  This results in an erratic workload and unpredictable cost structure that your organization must manage.

TPG makes database administration simple, and affordable. 

Database installation and configuration can be a very tedious and time-consuming task.  It is very critical that it be done correctly; otherwise you run the risk of having costly disruptions as well as jeopardizing company data.  TPG can minimize these risks by providing the expertise necessary for the proper installation and configuration of your selected database software.  We strive to provide rapid database installation and configuration services at a low cost to our clients.  It is our goal to maximize the return on our clients’ database software investment, and the best way for us to do that is to properly install and configure the software as quickly as possible. 

During peak moments of database administration activity, TPG DBA’s can make your staff’s workload manageable.

To guarantee consistent database availability with preemptive administration activity, TPG can take over routine maintenance and monitoring tasks, freeing your staff to focus on more mission critical projects.

Partnering with TPG gives you instant access to a wealth of database administration expertise.

The result is that our clients frequently report that they simultaneously reduce costs and improve performance after they begin receiving our database administration services.

We can also help you keep pace with the rapid rate of technological change. TPG DBA personnel can mentor your staff through regular demonstrations or working sessions on your test or development instances. Through your partnership with us, your staff can learn from industry experts who have global solution implementation experience.






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